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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Shorter University was founded in 1873 as a liberal arts institution, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences takes that vision to heart. The General Education core is housed primarily in our college, as we help prepare students for the rigor of their chosen majors. In addition, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is home to numerous different degrees with diverse majors.



Honors Academy

A challenging environment for talented and intellectually gifted students, no matter their major.

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Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Earl Kellett
Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, Professor of Christian Studies, and SACSCOC Liaison
Dr. Dustin Addison
Chair, Department of Social Sciences and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Dr. Brent Baskin
Chair, Department of Christian Studies and Professor of Christian Studies - Youth Ministry
Dr. William Mullen
Chair of Communication Studies and Professor of Communication Studies
Dr. Angela C. O’Neal
Chair, Department of English, Modern Language, & Liberal Arts, Professor of English
Dr. Donald Dowless
President, Professor of Christian Studies
Mrs. Melissa Baskin
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Mrs. Katherine Dudley Blair
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Dr. Charles Carter
Tenured Associate Professor of History
Dr. Rick Crawford
Tenured Associate Professor of Political Science
Dr. Randy Douglass
Associate Professor of Christian Studies
Dr. Jill Goad
Associate Professor of English
Dr. Alan Hix
Professor of Christian Studies
Dr. Donald (Skip) L. Martin, Jr.
Professor of Christian Studies
Dr. Terry Morris
Tenured Professor of History and Political Science
Dr. Justin Pettegrew
Professor of History
Dr. Luciana Philyaw
Assistant Professor of Human Services
Dr. Julie Pond
Associate Professor of English, Director of Honors Program
Dr. Fabrice Poussin
Professor of French, Chimes Sponsor
Mrs. Andrea Davis Stiles, EdM
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Zack Strait
Assistant Professor of English, The Chimes Advisor
Dr. Christine Szostak
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ms. Mary Corbin
Assistant to the Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences