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Outstanding skills essential in today’s technological and multi-cultural society are critical thinking and proficiency in written and spoken communication, skills that are the core of the humanities-based Department of English, Modern Languages, and Liberal Arts. Beyond this, the study of humanities expands consciousness and deepens awareness of both our cultural heritage and contemporary society. Careful thinking and critical reading can also strengthen tolerance and appreciation of cultures besides our own.


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The Department of English, Modern Languages, and Liberal Arts offers these additional benefits and opportunities:

  • Scholarships for beginning students majoring in these disciplines, given through our Winthrop-King Scholarships
  • Winthrop-King International Scholarships for Study Abroad in all three disciplines
  • Outstanding faculty credentials:  nine full-time faculty members, all with a Ph.D. and many with strong publication records in peer-reviewed academic and literary journals
  • Professors who are native speakers in both Spanish and French
  • Innovative course offerings in Integrative and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • The Chimes, a high-quality literary magazine
  • A cadre of outstanding graduates in many diverse career fields, such as teaching on the secondary, college, and university level, television and radio, personnel, law, publishing, editing, translating, international relations and/or business


The English, Modern Languages, and Liberal Arts Department supports the mission of Shorter University as a Christian liberal arts institution. The department is committed to improving students’ understanding and use of language by study and by practice, to fostering students’ ongoing intellectual development by reading and by interpreting literature, and to nurturing students’ understanding of a biblical worldview by engaging them in a holistic, comprehensive approach to education which prepares them to think and operate for a lifetime, not just for a specific profession. 

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Angela C. O’Neal
Chair, Department of English, Modern Language, & Liberal Arts, Professor of English
Dr. Jill Goad
Associate Professor of English
Dr. Julie Pond
Associate Professor of English, Director of Honors Program
Dr. Fabrice Poussin
Professor of French, Chimes Sponsor
Dr. Zack Strait
Assistant Professor of English, The Chimes Advisor