Shorter Student Handbook - Shorter University

The Pinnacle, The 2023-2024 Student Handbook

The Pinnacle
is the official source of information regarding university policies, safety procedures and services, the honor system, student conduct system, academics, and opportunities available to students. The University may amend, change, terminate, and/or make exceptions to the policies herein as well as the online version as it may determine in its discretion at any time. The information in this publication is accurate as of the publication date. Any changes to event schedules or policies will be made available in the online version when they occur. This handbook is not deemed as a contract.

Students, whether on campus or off campus, must abide by all university policies and regulations at all times. The reputation of Shorter University, as well as the individual student’s ability to succeed, is at stake.  Students identified with Shorter University must demonstrate conduct that clearly fits into the Christ-Centered spirit of the institution.

2023-2024 Student Handbook

Email is the official means of communication at Shorter University.  Please consult your University issued email address from school officials.  It is in your best interest to check it regularly.