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The mission of the Office of Student Engagement and Success is to engage, equip, and empower traditional students to succeed during their time at Shorter through the first year experience, advising, and tutoring. We strive to promote an understanding and acceptance of responsibility essential to the Shorter community membership.

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Academic advisors provide guidance in course selection and assistance in choosing a major. Freshmen work closely with their freshman advisor to select courses and review potential majors. After the freshman year, students are assigned to an advisor in their major department who supports the student through their years at Shorter.

Academic advising at Shorter University is designed with the student’s success as its goal. The faculty and professional staff of the University are available to aid students in arranging programs of study, but the student is responsible for becoming familiar with and fulfilling all degree requirements.

Every student enrolled in Shorter’s educational program is assigned an academic advisor. Advisors help their advisees select and register for a schedule each semester. In addition, they are available to guide students in clarifying vocational objectives and preparing for careers or further study.

Freshmen in traditional semester programs will be advised by members of the faculty and staff selected for their ability to assist the student making the transition from high school to university. Entering students meet their advisor during their first semester and remain with this advisor through their freshman year.

After the freshman year, students are usually assigned to a faculty advisor within their chosen academic field. In some cases this may be their freshman advisor, but students often change advisors after their first year. Transfer students meet and are advised by an advisor in their major area during Hawk Orientation.

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to discuss academic concerns and other issues affecting their academic performance.


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The Tutoring Center at Shorter University offers free tutoring to all students enrolled in traditional courses on the Rome campus. Tutoring is offered for most courses offered to traditional students during fall and spring semesters. Students can go to the Tutoring Center for assistance with course content, general academic success skills information, and writing skills assistance.

Students can attend tutoring sessions on an individual basis or within a group setting. All sessions are led by highly qualified peer tutors who have shown academic excellence in the subject in which they tutor. For further information regarding the Tutoring Center, please select the Tutoring Center link.

Free tutoring is also available for CAPP and online students. Ms. Jill Goad will be available for tutoring in English; for tutoring in Math students should contact their course instructor. Tutoring will be available by appointment only. Students please contact Ms. Goad directly via email for scheduling (


The Office of Student Engagement and Success provides students with accommodations a place in which they can take exams. For information regarding the Testing Center, please click here.

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