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Communication Studies

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


Learn to analyze, critically evaluate, and develop skills in important communication practices. Develop the intellectual resources needed to articulate your own ideas and share them with others. A major in Communication Studies offers you the knowledge and expertise that are essential to becoming a leader in a complex world.


  • Bachelor of Arts
    • Communication Studies
  • Bachelor of Science
    • Communication Studies


  • Organizational Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Digital Production

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Our Mission

The mission of the Communication Studies Department is to equip communication majors with the theoretical foundation they need to know the origins and premises of the field of communication and the practical experience to perform the skills they’ll need on the job. In keeping with the university’s academic integrity code and the beliefs of the College of Arts and Sciences, the department seeks to develop ethical men and women of disciplined, creative minds and lives that focus on leadership, service, and learning. Additionally, the department provides its majors with an intellectual foundation in the liberal arts that promotes critical thinking, civic responsibility, and Christ-like conduct.

Our Vision

As our mission is accomplished, our vision is met. Our vision is to continue what the program has done so successfully over the years which is:

  1. to keep the needs of others uppermost,
  2. to adapt to change and help others make the desirable transitions,
  3. to uphold high standards of scholarship and professionalism,
  4. to model cultural diversity and global awareness, and
  5. to foster cooperation and collaboration in order to accomplish shared goals

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. William Mullen
Chair of Communication Studies and Professor of Communication Studies
Mrs. Melissa Baskin
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Mrs. Katherine Dudley Blair
Associate Professor of Communication Studies