Shorter Ministries - Shorter University

We are here to provide spiritual guidance for the college community. Committed to the Christian faith, the Office of Campus Ministries coordinates opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to participate in Christian activities/ministries on and off the campus. Worship, Bible Studies, community ministries, summer missions & mission trips, family groups, and fellowships are just a few of many ways students can be involved.

Our office also sponsors special events to meet the spiritual needs of our students. Some of these are: Christian Focus Week, Seminary Day, Volunteer/Ministry Fair, & Church Rush.

The following student organizations work out of our office located in the Fitton Student Union, Room 203A:


Shorter BCM group at Confluence 2013BCM is open to all students regardless of denominational background. The mission of Baptist Collegiate Ministries is to reach collegiate students for Christ and to disciple them to a mature faith. BCM is student led, Christ centered, and church related. We strongly encourage students to be actively involved in a local church.

The BCM seeks to help students to grow inwardly through such activities as discipleship/family groups and Bible Studies. Prayer groups/meetings are also offered as a way to deepen one’s faith. Weekly Worship service, community ministries, and missions highlight some of the corporate ways students can grow in their faith. BCM hosts its Refuge service every Monday at 6:00 p.m. in the Austin Moses Room.

Student led groups sponsored by BCM:

Proclamation – A co-ed vocal ensemble which sings contemporary Christian a cappella music and performs on campus and in local churches.

BCM has a leadership team consisting of President, Vice President, Refuge Coordinator, Fellowship Coordinator, In-reach Coordinator, Media, Publicity, Freshman and Transfer Council Liaison, Athletics Coordinator, Prayer Coordinator, Discipleship Coordinator, Missions Coordinator, Worship Coordinator, Proclamation Coordinator, and Community Missions Coordinator.

Visit the BCM webpages for more information on getting involved in BCM, or contact David Roland, Campus Minister, at 706-233-7329 or email


Shorter Hawks football team taking the fieldFCA is a new organization on campus. This organization is open to all students but is directed to the needs/concerns of collegiate athletes. Students are elected to serve as officers. A faculty advisor also serves on the leadership team to advise and counsel the students.

For more information on getting involved in FCA, please contact:

David Roland