Psychology Internships - Shorter University

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The Basics

What are the requirements for an internship?

Internships in this department consist of 112 hours of supervised on-site work at an approved agency, one evaluation of your work by your site supervisor, the submission of time sheets, attendance at four mandatory meetings of all interns, and one academic paper assignment. A GPA of 2.75 and junior standing are required to participate in internships.

Who should I contact at Shorter to talk about internships?

Your faculty advisor will be your departmental supervisor for your internship. Your advisor can supply you with the syllabus and other required paperwork.

When do I do my internship?

Most students do their internships in either the fall or spring of their senior year. Check with your faculty advisor about doing internship hours over the summer.

Where can I do my internship?

You may work in any type of organization or agency in the community that will provide supervised, pre-professional experience in psychology. There must be a qualified professional on staff who agrees to serve as your site supervisor. This job will entail observing, monitoring, and evaluating your work over the course of the required hours. A site supervisor must possess either a graduate degree (doctoral or masters level) or sufficient on-the-job experience to qualify as an expert in the field.

Who is responsible for finding me an internship?

It is your responsibility to do the research and investigate possible sites where you might want to intern. Think about the type of work you might want as a career and the population with which you might eventually want to work. Talk with other students who have done their internships and visit agency web sites. Your faculty advisor will be able to guide you in this decision.

What do I do once I think I have an idea for a possible internship site?

Consult with your faculty advisor and see if any Shorter students have interned at that site in the past. If we have a relationship with the site, it will make your next task easier, but don’t give up if this is a new site.  You should then contact the agency or organization and enquire about the availability of internship positions. Make sure there is someone qualified and willing to act as your site supervisor.  If no one from Shorter has interned there before, explain what is involved in being a site supervisor so the person is aware of the time and energy commitment they are being asked to make to when they undertake:

  • Arranging appropriate intern training for you.
  • Assigning and monitoring your internship activities or duties.
  • Providing mentoring for you to help you learn the field.
  • Filling out one evaluation of your work and meeting with your faculty advisor at the site.
  • Signing off on your time sheets.

Once You Are An Intern

As you work out in the community and interact with the clients and staff members of your on-site agency, please remember that you are representing the Social Sciences Department and Shorter University. Practice professionalism at all levels, including dress, language, and general comportment. Follow the ethical guidelines of our discipline and observe the norms as well as the written rules of the agency, particularly as regards confidentiality of client statements or materials.