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Mission Statement

Shorter University mission is to provide quality undergraduate liberal arts with specialized professional programs.

Dance Minor Program

The Dance Minor provides academic and professional training for students who wish to pursue their passion for dance in a professional, Christian setting, while continuing with their major field of study at Shorter University.

The program’s required courses are designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of dance, the choreographic process, dance history, an in-depth study of various dance techniques, production and the craft of performing. Set in an encouraging atmosphere of cooperative learning and group process, students begin to identify and develop their artistic preferences and personal creative voice.

The Open possibilities of a Dance Minor: Diversify Career Options

Students can creatively customize their career options by combining a dance minor with their major field of study. Here are some examples of the possibilities:

Education + Dance Minor = Curriculum Development, Dance Education or Component of Arts Education, etc.

Christian Studies + Dance Minor = Servant leadership in churches, Youth/Outreach Programs, Global Evangelism, etc.

Business + Dance Minor = Manager of Dance Companies, Grant Writers, Development Coordinator, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Fundraising, Dance Company Accountant, etc.

Communications/English Majors + Dance Minor = Dance Critic, Website Creation, Dance Retail, Publishing, Dance Magazines, etc.

The possibilities are numerous as academic interest are matched with personal goals. Remember, the skills learned in dance supports all career fields.


Faith ImFaith Stevenson Im

Faith Stevenson Im serves as Director of Dance at Shorter University, teaching dance technique, dance history and dance appreciation, and choreographing for Shorter’s musical theatre productions and dance concert. A dancer and dance educator, Im graduated with her Master of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Hawaiʻi, where she worked as Graduate Assistant, teaching introductory Ballet. In her creative and scholarly endeavors, Im is drawn to the intersection of societal issues and choreographic expression. Im’s research has examined the interrelationship of conflict and contemporary dance in the Middle East, and her choreography has explored themes of materialism and over-consumption.

Im has taught and choreographed in the non-profit performing arts sector since 2003, teaching dance technique to youth and young adults, and choreographing for dance schools and performing arts programs. Im has extensive and varied performance experience, especially in Modern, Ballet, and Jazz, and has toured nationally as Rehearsal Director, Choreographer, and Dancer. Im was a dance scholarship recipient in both her graduate program (UH) and undergraduate program at Middle Tennessee State University, where she danced under a variety of guest artists, performing a diversity of dance genres. She is a member of the National Dance Education Organization.

Calendar of Events

Dance Concert
Thursday, April 20 & Friday, April 21, 2017
7:30 p.m. in Callaway Theatre

Performance Opportunities                                      

Dance Minors are invited to audition for the Theatre Department’s musicals which take place twice a year (once each semester) and our annual dance concert.

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We’re happy you’re thinking of joining our creative community. We work hard to make our application process as simple and fast as possible, but should you run into any concerns, we’re here to help at any time.


Thank you. Simply put, your gift makes us possible. Dance, like all art forms, thrives on the support of its patrons.  Attending dance is one form of donation; however because of donors like you, we can cover the expense of theatre lights to complete our performance space. Your continued financial support will allow us to upgrade and maintain our facilities as well as bring dance to public spaces.

If you are a business another option would be to have your company advertised in our program.

Make a donation online – (School of Fine and Performing Arts), find out if an employer will match your contribution.

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Faith S. Im
Assistant Professor of Theatre/Dance