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Learn how art and design can be an integral part of a liberal arts education.

Our primary mission is to celebrate God’s gift of creation through the study, experimentation, research, and understanding of art. With the assistance of Shorter’s knowledgeable and talented faculty, well-equipped facilities, and one-on-one instruction, students are guided, challenged, and encouraged to develop their expertise in six areas of studio art: Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting and Photography.

The Shorter Art faculty help aspiring artists, designers, and art educators integrate the visual arts into their chosen fields of study. Graduates are able to employ their talent, creative skills, and knowledge skill-sets in pursuit of post-graduate studies, industry, and education, or simply for the glorification and celebration of God’s creative spirit.

Art Minors

The art department offers two minors, one consisting of multiple art areas and the other in graphic design.

Art Minor

18 hours (six 3 hour courses) of assorted art courses.

Graphic Design Minor

18 hours (six 3 hour courses) of graphic arts related courses.

For more information see the Course Catalog.

Faith in the Fine Arts (An Important Mission)

The Shorter Art Department encourages students through the visual arts to develop their particular callings; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising faith and standards of artistic endeavor; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas in a spirit of trust and cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the Church, and culture; working to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world.

The Shorter University Art Department serves those individuals who feel they are called to serve God through the visual arts. Our professors are dedicated to helping students build a strong foundation through a combination of visual skills, critical thinking, and practical knowledge. We believe that all artists should engage society through an honest, humble offering of their gifts in service to the world. Our students are introduced to contemporary theory and mentored by faculty members who care deeply and work closely with each student to nurture their individual style while also helping to inspire new ways to create.

As you create, search and ask questions, you will discover that your life and work can be a way to authentically worship God and serve humankind. This synthesis of work and worship is redemptive and restorative for a world in great need of selfless love. And while you’re here you’ll be part of God’s unfolding story as you set out to discover God’s grand design for your life.

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The school maintains an up-to-date Macintosh computer lab with 15 state-of-the-art workstations loaded with the latest Adobe Creative Suite software to support the art, design, and communication arts digital production courses.

Art department facilities include: a digital photography lab with several high-end work stations and printers, a film photography lab, a ceramics lab with 11 wheels, a glazing kitchen, reduction and salt kilns, and a Japanese wood-fired anagama kiln.

Horseleg Art Centre

Housing the drawing, painting and ceramic studios, the school’s Horseleg Art Centre is nestled amidst a bamboo garden in a wooded landscape on the northeast corner of campus, providing art students with plenty of workspace in which to create.

The Arnold Art Gallery

The Arnold Art Gallery offers students an opportunity to experience professional art exhibits through its “Guest Artist Exhibitions.” In the past, the gallery has presented exhibiting artists from France, Russia, Japan, Mexico, China, Spain, Great Britain and Africa, as well as, artists from throughout the United States. The mission of the gallery is to provide students with opportunities to gather experience through interaction with professional artists.

In addition to guest artist exhibitions, the gallery offers an opportunity for students to exhibit their artistic efforts by way of the annual “Student Art Exhibition.”Students crafting bowls on a pottery wheel

A Well Rounded Degree = Success in the Future

The art department encourages students to pursue a minor course of study in art as a way to prepare them for future success. For students pursuing degrees in psychology or education, an art minor can lead to eventual certification in art therapy or art education. Art furthers the practical possibilities in areas like business, religion and science, assisting with the communication of ideas and information.

Undergraduate Degree in Education + Art Minor

While Shorter University does not offer a degree in art education, students interested in this field of employment can pursue a degree in education and, with a few additional credit hours beyond a minor in art, be eligible to take the GACE certification exam in art education. Many secondary and middle schools look for undergraduate degrees in their new hires, preferring to support the future graduate-level development of existing employees.

Student Art League

The Student Art League (SAL) is open to all students and sponsors several events throughout the year. Each semester the group travels to a regional art museum or event. Past field trips include the Atlanta High Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, the Birmingham Art Museum, the Booth Museum of Western Art and more recently, the Dale Chihuly art glass installation at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Art League students group photo in front of sign at Atlanta Botanical Gardens.