SU Announce - Shorter University



Digital signs are placed in the Student Center and around campus as a medium to inform students, faculty and staff of events and important announcements. The digital signage screens are managed by the Office of Student Life. Campus-wide emails will be sent out once a week to make announcements of events and policies. Displayed information will consist of announcements from student organizations, Shorter University departments, and limited external agencies.


Digital signs can be found in the Fitton Student Union, the cafeteria, and the Robert E. Ledbetter School of Business.


– Only events with date, time, name/title and location of the event will be posted. Requests must be submitted properly for display.

– Sponsorship/external announcements may be displayed on a very limited basis when: 1) related to events or activities by Shorter University department or campus organization and 2) digital signage space is available. Displays must also meet the following requirements:

  • Cannot conflict with existing campus contracts;
  • Cannot imply the University supports a specific viewpoint, product, or company;
  • Must allow the University to add a disclaimer when deemed necessary.

– The Office of Student Life reserves the right to refuse, edit, or remove display content for any reason. Questions should be directed to the Assistant Dean of Students.

– Announcements will be displayed for a week (5 days). Try to limit one announcement per organization/department during a cycle. Should more announcements be necessary, content will be prioritized pursuant to the University’s mission, time-sensitivity of the message, campus-wide scope of involvement, and interest or relevance to the student audience; subject to approval from the Assistant Dean of Students,

– Announcements must be submitted a week in advance. Displays will be changed every Monday & Thursday morning. ONLY those requests submitted on time will be displayed. All submissions must be emailed to

– Announcements must be submitted by email to with a written request including the following information: Group, Contact Name, Event, Date, and expected communication (email, digital, both). The advertisement should be attached to the email. The event announcement should be submitted in PowerPoint or JPEG formats. Announcements are typically displayed for 5-10 seconds on the TV slide so keep in mind the size and amount of text on each slide.