About Nursing - Shorter University

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ben and Ollie Brady School of Nursing is in accordance with the Mission of Shorter University.  The Mission of the School of Nursing is to offer an exemplary undergraduate nursing program that:

  1. Integrates a strong curricular foundation infused with liberal arts and science studies.
  2. Prepares professional registered nurses who:
  3. Assume the roles of a nurse generalist who provides patient-centered care that is safe, compassionate, and affirms Christian values.
  4. Deliver patient-centered care with an emphasis on evidenced-based practice, quality outcomes of care, and resource management.
  5. Practice nursing safely and compassionately in a variety of settings, with diverse populations, both locally and globally.
  6. Serve as a community leader, collaborative participant, and leader among disciplines providing care to consumers of health care.
  7. Participate in life-long learning.
  8. Creates and sustains an exemplary learner-centered caring community that:
  9. Affirms academic and Christian integrity, values, and service.
  10. Promotes personal accountability in students by maintaining physical, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being.
  11. Promotes personal accountability for actions and decisions.
  12. Utilizes integrative strategies for learning.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year degree.  The professional baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN) will prepare graduates to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The baccalaureate nursing graduate will use liberal arts courses such as English, Communication, Psychology, Sociology, Growth and Development, History, Political Science, Religion, and Fine Arts as well as the in depth knowledge acquired from courses in Physical and Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, to provide a foundation for practice in a diverse, complex health care environment. The extensive two years of general course work will be incorporated and serve as the foundation for the nursing course work.    A complete listing of all courses required can be found in the Shorter University Course Catalog.

Nursing Courses

Semester Course Hrs Semester Course Hrs
FallJunior Foundations of Care 4-2-6 SpringJunior Adult Health I 4-4-8
Health Assessment 2-1-3 Community/Global Health 3-0-3
TOTAL 12 Patho-Pharmacology II 3-0-3
FallSenior Women’s Health/Pediatrics 4-2-6 SpringSenior Leadership 3-0-3
Adult Health II 4-0-4 Senior Practicum 0-6-6
Research/EBP 3-0-3 Capstone 3-0-3
Vulnerable Populations 3-2-5 TOTAL 12