Math Club - Shorter University

Math Club picnic


The Mathematics Department has a Math Club that is open to all students, but primarily consists of students majoring in mathematics, mathematics education, and middle grades education majors concentrating in mathematics.

Community Service:The Math Club organizes and participates in various community service projects during the academic year. Recently, we have conducted tutoring sessions, offered ACT/SAT Test Prep courses at the local high schools, and assisted with math team competitions. We also plan to organize our own high school mathematics team competition for local schools.

Math Club outingField Trips: Each semester, the Math Club takes a field trip to local places of interest. Recent field trips have included Coke World and Six Flags. Upcoming field trips include the Georgia Aquarium and the Tellus Science Museum.

Social Gatherings: Throughout the semester, the Math Club gets together for movies, lunches, and cookouts. Each semester concludes with a dinner, typically at a faculty member’s house, to help students unwind before final exams.