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Dear prospective Student,

Welcome to Shorter University.  We are honored that you would consider us as you make the important decision of where to attend college.  In the Department of Natural Sciences we take the education and success of our students very seriously.  All of our professors have an open door office policy which allows students open access to academic assistance and the opportunity to develop personal relationships with their mentors.  These personal relationships with professors can prove invaluable in future years as students begin applying to graduate programs or enter the job market.  A strong, personal recommendation letter from a college professor can go a long way towards landing that dream job or getting accepted into a graduate program.

Speaking of graduate schools, the Department of Natural Sciences has a stellar record with regard to getting our students into a variety of post-graduate programs. Over the last 30 years the Department of Natural Sciences has had 87% of our professional school applicants get accepted. This includes 86% of medical school applicants, 91% of pharmacy school applicants, and 86% of physical therapy and physician assistant applicants.  We have also had great success getting students into research-based graduate programs with recent graduates getting accepted into Masters and Ph.D. programs in a variety of division I schools, such as Auburn University and Louisiana State University (LSU).  If post-graduate study is not the route you are interested in, don’t worry.  Students graduating from Shorter with a degree in the Natural Sciences have had great success landing jobs with a variety of great companies including Georgia Power, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and others.

We also offer work-study opportunities within our department that will allow students to make some extra money while simultaneously providing an opportunity to establish relationships with professors and procure valuable work experiences that will be beneficial in future professional endeavors.  Many of our current students are working outside the department at medical offices, hospitals, and other professional venues in preparation for their graduate training and future careers.

We sincerely hope that you will choose to make Shorter University your college home for the next four years.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success and we desire to do all we can to ensure that you achieve your academic, personal, and professional goals.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions you may have.  I look forward to meeting you on the Hill very soon.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Clint Helms
Chair, Department of Natural Sciences


In keeping with the Christian Liberal Arts tradition, the Department of Natural Sciences provides experiences, knowledge, and training to prepare students as world-class scientists. Students in our programs of study are equipped with skills and learning for successful graduate or professional programs of study, or for careers in their chosen areas of interest. Our graduates are encouraged to appreciate their role in society as Christian scientists, and to participate in solving problems on the local and global scale. 

Meet Our Faculty

Dr. Clint Helms
Dean, Ware School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Professor of Biology
Mr. Bobby Timms
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Daniel Clayton
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Hygiene Officer
Dr. Qiang Lu
Professor of Physics
Dr. Bert Exsted
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Paul Bond Jr.
Associate Professor of Biology and Tri Beta National Biological Honor Society sponsor
Mrs. Valarie Smith
Assistant Professor of Physical & Earth Science
Dr. Jacob Chandler
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Mrs. Jordan Allen
Assistant Professor of Biology
Ms. Andrea Moss
Assistant Professor of Biology
Mr. Giovanni Angeles
Lab Coordinator & Lab Instructor