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About Us

Personal counseling (individual, group, academic) is offered through the office of Student Support Services by a licensed counselor. Counseling services focuses on learning and education of the whole person. Through counseling and other activities, we strive to assist students in identifying, understanding and solving problems.

Typical reasons for seeking counseling include depression, anxiety reactions, eating disorders, problems with friends or roommates, family issues and adjustment difficulties. These services are confidential and voluntary. Appointments are available throughout the business week (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday).

Mission Statement

Based on a commitment to student learning and social, personal, and spiritual development, the mission of Shorter University Counseling Services is to empower students to reach their fullest potential through the promotion of healthy behaviors and emotional and mental wellness. We espouse a student-oriented philosophy that is respectful of diversity and seeks provide a safe and supportive environment through which to encourage self-awareness and personal growth.

Services for Students

Individual Counseling

Many students are offered short-term psychological counseling after an initial evaluation by the counselor. Students who require extended or specialized counseling may be referred to other mental health services in the area.

Group Counseling

Students who have identified common concerns, such as self-esteem, relationship problems, or eating disorders, may meet with the counselor in group sessions.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

List of Alcohol and Drug treatment facilities within 15 miles of Shorter University

Although Counseling Services does not provide treatment services for alcohol and drug use/abuse, the Director of Student Support Services will meet with students seeking such treatment for a brief time to provide support, assess the students’ needs, and assist them with referrals to off-campus resources.


Students who desire psychological advice regarding concerns about others may make an appointment. At various times this option has been utilized by groups of roommates or friends, as well as individuals.


It is the policy of Shorter Univeristy not to release any information regarding any student’s use of the services or personal matters discussed with a counselor. This means that no parent, academic dean, future employer, or otherwise will know of a student’s use of counseling. Confidentiality is only an issue in the following situations:

  1. A student who has used our services authorizes the counselor to release records or to disclose information to individual’s of the client’s choosing. Normally this process requires written consent.
  2. In certain circumstances, counselors are legally and ethically required to breach confidentiality. For example, if a student reveals information indicating clear and imminent danger to self or others, the counselor may contact appropriate authorities or family members. Such disclosure would be solely for the purpose of providing the necessary emergency care or protection.
  3. The law requires the notification of the appropriate agency when a student reveals on-going abuse or neglect of a child or elderly person.

Appointments can be made online, by phone or in person.


To schedule a  30 or 60 minute appointment, click here

By phone

Call 706-233-7323 and speak to the Administrative Assistant.

In person

Stop by our offices (FSU 219) and ask to make an appointment.

NOTE: You cannot make an appointment for another person. All appointments must be made by the person seeking counseling. You can make a consultation appointment with a counselor to discuss concerns about another person.


Welcome faculty. This page is intended to provide you with information that may be helpful to you in your role as a faculty member at SU.

Should I be worried about a student? Is there anything else I should be doing? How do I make a referral?

Faculty members often contact the SSS office with concerns about their students. The counselor on staff is available to discuss your concerns and to help you develop better ways of assisting your students. Just call 706-233-7323 to speak with the counselor. Remember, whenever you are concerned about a student, even if you are unclear about what is going on with the student and/or what your specific concerns are…then call and consult with the counselor.

Do you feel a student is in crisis?

As faculty, you may see the student more often than anyone else. Be aware of the classroom warning signs of a student in crisis:

  • Sudden change in behavior
  • Withdrawal/social isolation
  • Increased absences or tardiness
  • Change in physical appearance
  • No reason for living/hopelessness/lack of purpose
  • Decreased concentration
  • Sudden change in class performance
  • Increased disorganization

For emergency situations, call 911. The counselor is also available for consultation or to meet with a student in crisis.

A few words about confidentiality…

We can consult with faculty about their concerns about students. However, we cannot divulge any information we receive from our student/clients without permission of those students.

Thank you for helping us to better serve our students.


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Helpful Links


Welcome to the website for Counseling Services through the office of Student Support. Shorter University is committed to working to enhance the educational experience of your sons and daughters and to enable them to develop as well-rounded and healthy individuals. This page is intended to provide you with information about our services and the ways in which we can be helpful to you and your SU student.

How can counseling services help parents?

We are available for consultation with parents by phone or by appointment. We invite parents to call if they have concerns about their son or daughter. Parents frequently have questions about the specific services we provide that may be beneficial to their student at SU. We can also help parents secure referrals to services outside of the university for their sons and daughters.

Click here to schedule and appointment.

Why do students go to counseling? 

Typically, students seek counseling for difficulties with adjustment, problems with relationships, self-esteem, as well as serious emotional and behavioral issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger, eating disorders, and substance abuse. We encourage students to consult us about any matters that concern them.

What services are offered?

Student Support Services offers short-term individual counseling, group counseling, consultation and referral services.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is an important part of establishing trust and effective counseling relationships. Confidentiality laws also prohibit us from sharing any information about a student’s counseling contacts without the expressed permission of the student.

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