Bachelor of Science in Natural Science

While developing a Christian worldview at Shorter University, pursuing a BS in Natural Science prepares students with a broad background in life sciences. This degree program provides elective concentrations in either Human Life Science or Environmental Studies. Successful graduates will be prepared for continued graduate studies in science or education, or careers such as Research Technician, CSI, Wildlife or Forestry professionals.

Standard course sequence for Natural Science majors

Bachelor of Science in Biology

While developing a Christian worldview at Shorter University, students are taught in the sciences by outstanding career professionals. Pre-professional students pursuing a BS in Biology are prepared for dental, physical therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, optometry, veterinary, and medical schools. Over the past 30 years, our program consistently surpasses regional institutional program acceptance records: More than 86% acceptance to medical, physician’s assistant and physical therapy schools, and high acceptance to dental, veterinary, optometric and chiropractic schools. Non-allied health career options include research assistant, fisheries biology, forestry technician, food and drug inspector, water quality analyst, Peace Corp volunteer and medical illustrator.

Standard course sequence for Biology majors

Bachelor of Science in Ecology & Field Biology (EFB)

A BS in Ecology and Field Biology prepares students for continued study in graduate programs as well as for a breadth of careers in conservation or ecological study including park naturalists, wildlife and fisheries biologist and environmental consulting employment, for example. While attending Shorter University, EFB students are taught by outstanding Christian professors that provide essential knowledge and experiences in lab and field methods. Additional experiences are encouraged through summer programs and internships at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory or Au Sable Institute, or through an approved regional or national program.

Standard course sequence for Ecology & Field Biology majors

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

While developing a Christian worldview at Shorter University, our chemistry students are taught by outstanding professors and are prepared for future careers through extensive hands-on experience and instruction with a wide range of modern instruments starting in introductory courses. Chemistry majors, in general, enjoy a high employment record and acceptance into graduate degree programs. Salaries are competitive with a national unemployment rate of only 2%.  If a student wishes to pursue a career as a pharmacist, a major in Chemistry is the best option.  Shorter University students enjoy a 91% acceptance rate to pharmacy school.

Standard course sequence for Chemistry majors