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QEP Roundtable Fall 2012

Lunch and Learns

October 30, 2015

On Friday, October 30, approximately 30 enthusiastic Shorter faculty members gathered for the Lunch & Learn offered by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and QEP. Faculty discussed current challenges with teaching millennials and possible solutions to aid in better classroom engagement. Several professors presented ideas, including Science Officer Spock (aka Dr. Chris Jones), about successfully “flipping the classroom”—holding the student responsible for outside reading and using class activities, projects, or discussions to enhance the material and improve active participation.

Chris Jones speaking
Chris Jones as Science Dr. Spock


Out-of-the-box ideas that were shared included using animated PowerPoint presentations and/or videos, teaching via “real-life” simulations, requiring thoughtful and/or researched student participation, using technology for in-class research, and developing in-class problem sets. Faculty shared ways to improve student reading and listening comprehension as well.

The QEP part of the discussion focused on two areas: what strategies can be used to communicate effectively with students and what is the importance of critical thinking in higher education. Critical thinking equips persons with the ability to understand a given topic, relate topics in the same or different disciplines, and learn the practical value of critical thinking to solve problems encountered in everyday life.

The new QEP logo and motto—THINKING: Powered by Christ—were then debuted to the receptive audience. The QEP and CET committees plan to have another Lunch & Learn in the Spring to continue discussing how to optimize Christ-Centered Critical Thinking in the classroom.