QEP Implementation Plan – Shorter University


After extensive analysis of institutional research, of broad-based input from multiple constituencies, and of a review of the literature and best practices on Christ-centeredness in the academy and critical thinking, the QEP Team, Curriculum Committee, and SACS Leadership Team voted to approve a required course, LAR/INTR 2514 Christ-Centered Critical Thinking, as the strategy to meet the student learning outcomes of the QEP. See a course description below.

Using the Foundation for Critical Thinking’s concepts, this course identifies the intellectual standards for critical thinking as they apply to the elements of reasoning in making ethical judgments. In forming these ethical judgments, the question “What difference does it makes here, for this aspect of our living or learning, to affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord?” as identified by Duane Litfin in Conceiving the Christian College, should be answered.

This course will be implemented beginning in Fall 2013.

Detailed implementation timeline