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Bachelor Degree Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration

Shorter University’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program will prepare individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of firms and organizations around the world. The students will be prepared to deal with everyday challenges in the business world.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport Management

The Sport Management program at Shorter University is developed to provide students with a specialized education for the sports environment, necessary knowledge and career opportunities in the field of sport

Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries

The Youth Ministry concentration within our Christian Ministries degree program focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills to effectively serve and nurture the spiritual growth of adolescents. This concentration delves into various aspects of youth ministry, including theology, counseling, leadership, and outreach strategies with the primary focus being sports. Graduates of this concentration are well-prepared to work as student ministers, parachurch leaders, and mentors.

A Ministry Concentration within a Christian Ministry degree program offers a comprehensive approach to ministry training, encompassing a diverse array of ministry contexts. Through this Ministry Concentration, students are well-prepared to serve in various ministry roles including, pastoral care, discipleship ministry, children’s ministry, family ministry, and specialized areas like sports evangelism. Graduates are equipped with a strong foundation in ministry principles, leadership, and interpersonal skills, enabling them to make a positive impact in their chosen ministry fields.

Bachelor of Science in Christian Studies

Christian Studies at Shorter University equips students with the fundamentals of Christian theology, evangelism, and service. The Christian Studies Programs are designed to prepare students who desire to enter ministry and related vocational fields with scholarly study and a Biblical approach.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Shorter University’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program is offered fully online. Our program helps students acquire knowledge and skills that they will need to develop as criminal justice professionals.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services

Shorter University’s online Bachelor of Science with a major in Human Services program will help students make a difference in the lives of others and their community and will also help students acquire the knowledge and skills they will need to develop as professionals in the human services industry.

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Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

Shorter University’s Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies program gives students the opportunity to pursue a personalized plan of study, developing knowledge and skills that align with their interests.

Paraprofessionals to Teacher Pathway

Our Paraprofessionals to Teacher Pathway is laid out to fit the working individuals schedule while reaching for their overall goal. Students will work toward a Special Education General Curriculum / Elementary Education Degree