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Advising Information

Academic Advising

Each online student is assigned an Academic Advisor based on their program of study. The Academic Advisors are trained professionals who can provide students with important information and assistance relative to their academic success in their educational program. Academic Advisors are responsible for registering online students for each semester after conferring with the online student via their Shorter e-mail account. The Academic Advisor will assist students in arranging their schedule each semester; however, students are responsible for becoming familiar with and fulfilling all program requirements for their degree.

Administrative Procedures

Length of Courses/Program
Each online class lasts for 8 weeks.
There are six 8-week sessions a year. Two of these 8-week sessions run during the fall semester, two during the spring semester, and two in the summer. Typically a student takes 1 to 2 three credit hour classes during each 8-week session.

Changes (dropping or adding courses) may be made during the drop/add period in consultation with the academic advisor. Changes must be requested by the student in writing from their school email account. The dates for ADD/DROP can be found on the University’s Academic Calendar.

Withdrawal from courses may be done by the student after the drop/add period and until the last day specified in the academic calendar for withdrawals published by the Office of the Registrar. To withdraw from an online course, the student must send an e-mail to their advisor from his or her Shorter e-mail account requesting to withdraw. The withdrawal will be effective from the date of the e-mail request. An automatic F will be given if a student is not properly withdrawn.

No-Show Drop Policy
Students will be automatically dropped from courses if said student fails to post to the Mandatory Introduction Forum in the first 9 class days from the start of the session. This applies to every course registered for within each 8-week session. Therefore, if the student does not post to the Mandatory Introduction Forum in all of the courses they are registered for within the 8-week session, they will be dropped from all courses.

Institutional Withdrawal Policy
Students who are not registered for courses during a complete semester (Fall or Spring) will be withdrawn from the institution. This includes any students who do not register for courses within the Fall or Spring semester and students who registered but then drop all courses for said semester. Summer semesters are an optional semester; students who do not register for Summer semester will not be withdrawn from the institution as long as they took courses in the previous Spring semester.

Students who have been institutionally withdrawn can regain enrollment by completing the Online Degree Programs application; no application fee will be charged for a readmission application for Online Programs.

Class Cancellation.
Shorter University reserves the right to cancel a class if it deems by the first day of class that there are not a sufficient number of enrolled students to make the class viable.

Student Class Standing
Shorter University officially recognizes four classes: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. A student’s classification is based upon earned hours toward degree.

less than 27 earned hours
27 – 59 earned hours
60 – 89 earned hours
90 + earned hours

Withdrawal from the University During a Semester

An online student leaving the University must formally withdraw by sending an e-mail to the Registrar at and their advisor from his or her Shorter e-mail account requesting to withdraw. The withdrawal will be effective from the date of the e-mail request. Clearances must be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, the Business Office, and the Library.

No refund of fees will be calculated until the withdrawal process is complete.

Requests for withdrawal from the University after registration but before the beginning of a session must be made in writing to the Registrar at, the student’s advisor, and sent from the student’s Shorter email account.

The University reserves the right to request, at any time, the withdrawal of a student who does not maintain the required standard of scholarship, or whose continued attendance would be detrimental to the student’s health or the health of others, or whose behavior is out of harmony with the Christian philosophy of the University. For regulations regarding nonacademic or disciplinary suspension, see the Shorter University Student Handbook.

Changing a Major
If a student desires to change their major, they should contact their academic advisor.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Nate Allen

Online Student Success Specialist

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