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Serving Your Needs
As an institution of higher learning, Shorter University values the importance of education and the impact it can have on the lives of your employees and in the day-to-day operations of your workplace. We feel that higher education benefits not only the individual student, but that it also greatly affects the value of the entire company.

The Office of Online Programs can provide a variety of services and information for employees wishing to further their education and expand their skill sets. Our Online Enrollment Counselors are here to support you and can work with your organization to customize services to your specific needs.

  • Help Catered to You – Shorter University is dedicated to assisting businesses and organizations by providing an Online Enrollment Counselor as a specific point of contact between our offices and yours.
  • Flyer Drops – Shorter will directly deliver flyers and/or information packets for employers to have on-site for employees who inquire about going back to school.
  • Email Promos – Shorter will deliver e-mails that promote Shorter University’s Online Programs to the employers’ workforce with detailed information on our degree programs.
  • Lunch and Learns – An informal meeting during employee lunch periods where specific programs and admission criteria can be discussed, as well as answer any questions and provide individual counsel as needed.
  • Information tables– Shorter University will come on-site to jointly present the importance of furthering employee education through our 8-week-term, fully online courses.
  • Articles for Internal Newsletters – Shorter will provide to the employer a number of customer articles specifically promoting Shorter University for use in internal newsletters.