Submission Guidelines – Shorter University

2012-2013 Chimes Cover - swing ride at a fair


Theme: Reconstruction/ Restoration, this could be interpreted directly (a country rebuilding itself after war), or metaphorically (rebuilding a relationship after a downfall).

Writing Submission Guidelines:

– No more than 3 pages in length, double-spaced.

– Email to

Subject line: Your name, submission type

Attach submission in word document. Include a cover page with your name, submission name, # of pages, and page # on each page, excluding cover page. Do not put your name on any other page.

Photography Submission Guidelines:

–           Any pictures taken with a phone or from social media sites such as Facebook will not be accepted.

–           Art must be photographed. Actual art pieces will not be accepted.

–           Must be over 8 megabytes.

The Chimes accepts artwork, poems, short stories, and non-fiction from students, faculty, alumni, and outside contributors, but all submissions must be original. Plagiarism, whether accidental or purposeful, is unacceptable. Submissions are due before November 10.

If you have any questions, email Hannah Cauthen or Alayna Welker!