Theatre Faculty


The relationship between faculty and students is a crucial one that fosters the sense of respect and trust that allows for students to gain the most from their training. The faculty strongly supports the following responsibilities:

  • Creating a safe classroom environment. Especially in a genre such as theatre that inherently involves some very intense and personal emotions, it is crucial that faculty fosters safe learning where students can comfortably take risks. Part of creating a safe classroom is the dedication to getting to know students as individuals, and recognizing that they each have contributions to make to the class.
  • Respecting diversity. The faculty is committed to recognizing and addressing diversity in the classroom, knowing that a diverse classroom provides opportunities for increased learning. Students are also expected to respect diversity in their fellow classmates.
  • Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning and education. The faculty sees its teaching role to be a guide, a conduit—encouraging students to grab the reins and continue their learning outside of the classroom. There are high expectations regarding student work and participation—with a firm belief that students get out of a situation what they put into it, and the faculty therefore demands that the students be active learners.

Meet the Faculty

Kevin AndertonKevin Anderton
Assistant Professor of Theatre and Director of Theatre
M.F.A in Staging Shakespeare, University of Exeter
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Sue Gaukel
Sue Gaukel

Assistant Professor of Music Theatre Direction
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Sherrie PetersonSherrie Peterson
Assistant Professor of Theatre
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Faith ImFaith Stevenson Im
Assistant Professor of Theatre/Dance
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Ted ThomasTed Thomas
Technical Director, Light and Set Designer
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Brandon WeiseBrandon Weise
Assistant Technical Theatre Director
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