Technology Literacy: Lessons for Shorter University’s Online Student

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Online learning is a powerful tool to use in the classroom or, more accurately, for the classroom. At Shorter University, our online learning is not the typical sit down and listen to a lecture on a screen type of learning environment. Instead, SU’s online learning allows students to work from a space that is comfortable for them while receiving information using a variety of methods.

This blog aims to help prepare readers for success in online university education by outlining the key components of technological literacy that students will need for success.

Visual Communication

The inclusion of visual communication means that you will not have to use outside sites or devices to communicate with the instructor or the other students in the course. Instead, as a student, you will simply click links that are already imbedded in the online learning platform to access course content, correspond with the instructor and peers and seek asynchronous or recorded lectures, presentations, videos and other course related materials.

Social Networking

Social networking is tied directly into your education as an online learner. This will be an active component to the course in that our academic leaders have worked to integrate communication both formally and socially through discussions and other forms of engagement as a necessary component to support you online.

Atypical Classroom

Our online instructors know how to excel past some of the most fundamental obstacles of a typical classroom in the online sphere. The traditional whiteboard is no longer cleaned at the end of class. Instead, you will have the ability to screen capture, pause and replay lectures, ask questions to the instructor and other students and return for answer, research on the spot and more.

Visible and Accessible

When you are learning online, your ideas as well as those of your instructor and peers, are constantly being updated and made visible and accessible to you when you need them. Consider online learning as a three-dimensional landscape where you can learn and thrive while garnering support from your peers, instructor and outside sources provided by the college or those you seek on your own.


While the concept of online learning is no longer a new concept, we stay ahead of the class by making sure our instructors are equipped with the latest in technology and student engagement while keeping student success at the forefront. Check us out today to see why we are the best for your future.

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