Student Life

College is your time for you to grow and take advantage of the many opportunities that college life presents. The Office of Student Life is here to help you through this time of exploration.

We believe that your academic experiences go beyond the classroom setting, Student Life offers programs and opportunities to help guide your through your educational journey.  We offer programs designed to help you develop skills and discover who you are called to be in your college career and beyond.

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life seeks to provide a holistic approach to the campus experience — one that encourages growth, cultivates awareness, fosters a sense of community and develops student leadership. Through intentional intervention of programs, Student Life engages and nurtures one’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


The programs encompassed under the Office of Student Life are:

Fitton Activities Board
Intramural Activities
Orientation Programs
Greek Organizations
Leadership Programs
Student Organizations
Student Government
Miss Shorter Pageant

We hope you take the time to discover all that Shorter has to offer!




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