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Shorter Marching Hawks

Horn player in Shorter Marching Hawks Band

Audition Policy

To audition for admission to the Shorter University BME-instrumental program, you must first be accepted to the university. Follow admission requirements detailed by the admissions department.  After you are accepted to the university, you may audition for admission and scholarship for the BME-instrumental program. The audition consists of the following components:

A.  Performance audition

1.  three chromatically adjacent 2-octave major scales (for instance, Eb, E, and F)
2.  an etude that displays technical ability
3.  an etude that displays lyrical, expressive playing

B.  Music theory placement test. This pen-and-paper test covers basic terminology, naming notes of the piano keyboard, naming intervals and triads. This exercise is primarily for placement in the theory sequence, so no stress!

C.  Sight singing/ear training placement test. This 5-minute exercise covers tonal memory, rhythmic reading, and sight singing. Candidates are not graded on vocal quality and, like the theory test, this is a placement exam, so no stress here either!

We also check your high school grade point average and SAT or ACT scores for indications of your academic ability. Decisions regarding admission and scholarship are based on academic potential, ability on your primary instrument, and needs of the department.

We also offer scholarships for marching band participation for non-music majors. For more information on marching band scholarships or on BME auditions, please contact Mrs. Beverly Harper at

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Shorter University Marching Hawks?
Membership is open to all wind, percussion, and color guard students who have high school band experience. The Marching Hawks include a ‘rock band’ and invite electric guitar, electric bass, drum set and keyboard players.

To SIGN UP AND BECOME A MEMBER contact Mrs. Beverly Harper at to receive more information.

Who can be a Marching Hawk?

Marching Band is a class in the School of the Arts and is open to all Shorter University students. Students from area colleges such as Berry College, Coosa Valley and Georgia Highlands College may also march and cross-register (Berry students only) or enroll as transient students to receive course credit.

Do I need to complete an audition to become a member?

No. However, auditions for wind/percussion part assignments and assignment for guard equipment may occur during band camp.

Can I get credit for participating in Marching Band?

YES! – If you sign up for HPE 1800 you will receive .5 credits for Health and Fitness activity credit, which is required for undergraduate degrees at Shorter. If you sign up for MUA 1800 you will receive music ensemble credit or elective credit depending upon your major. All of the band ensembles are courses you can take and receive credit toward your graduation.

Are there scholarships available?

YES! – All Shorter University students who sign up for either HPE 1800 or MUA 1800 will receive $1000 for full participation in the band program. Full participation means participation in the fall and spring semesters.

Will I have enough time to study and participate in Band?

If you marched in high school, you will surely have time in college since our season is considerably shorter than most typical high school band programs. College marching band is very different than high school marching band since colleges are noncompetitive and more about entertainment. The Shorter Marching Hawks typcially perform for 4 home games in Barron Stadium.

What does it cost to be a Marching Hawk?

Costs to participate in any of the ensembles are nominal.

•       Each band student will need to pay a $20 dry cleaning fee for the cleaning of the band uniforms for the season.
•       Students will be required to supply their own mouthpiece, reeds, drumsticks, guard gloves, etc. and all necessary accessories dependent upon their instrument or guard assignment.
•       Each of the band ensembles requires a specific uniform or concert dress. Band students will be responsible for providing black band shoes for the Marching Hawks. The Shorter Wind Ensemble requires solid black attire.
•       Each guard member will need to purchase (to own) the required new uniform and shoes for the fall (estimated cost $125). The Winter Guard in the spring will be a separate custom-made uniform.
•       All students will need to purchase a band T-Shirt and cap designed specifically for the Marching Hawks.

If I march, when can I move into my dorm?

Please check the move-in schedule for band.

What do I do if I have a scheduling conflict?

If you have tried everything to avoid a conflict with a rehearsal, but cannot find a way around your scheduling problem, contact Mrs. Beverly Harper at as soon as possible. In many cases, these conflicts can be worked out.

Should I wait to march?

NO! Band is one of the activities that you do very well! Some freshman decide to wait “until they get their feet on the ground” before becoming involved. Most will become involved in other activities and not come back to band because they will then be ‘out-of-shape.’  They miss the very supportive elements that make a successful academic career: diverse experiences, positive social interactions, and confidence building through team and individual effort. The proof is in the research: band/music students do better in school. In addition, the Marching Hawks provides leadership opportunities for students after the first year of participation.

When do the Marching Hawks rehearse?

Rehearsal schedule is designed to avoid conflicts with core classes. With only 4 home games, the actual rehearsal time will be adjusted to suit the football schedule. The class schedule for the fall is:

Percussion and Guard
Full Band
Full Band
M      4:00-6:00
T       4:00-6:00
TH    6:00-8:00
F       4:00-6:00 or 5:00-7:00 or 6:00-8:00 dependent upon the football team’s schedule that week

Scheduling Conflicts

If you have a conflict with the Marching Band Class DON’T PANIC. Go ahead and sign-up and be sure to show-up for camp and we will work through the conflicts, and if needed adjust your schedule during open registration. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Beverly Harper at

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