Refunds Process

Sheffield-Thompson Building on Rome campus

The University’s policy is to monitor credit balances daily as they are created in student accounts; Shorter University also reviews student accounts for accuracy of charges and funds posted, as well as possible pending charges.

Credit Balances and Refunds due to Title IV Federal Student Aid:

The University will automatically issue refunds for eligible credit balances related to Title IV Federal Student Aid funds.

Credit balances related to Title IV federal aid funds, per federal regulations, must be refunded no later than 14 days after:

  • The date the credit balance occurred on the student’s account

Credit balances related to Title IV funds are always refunded, except that, the University will hold credit balances in a student’s account across terms within the same award year if the student (or parent borrower for Parent Plus Loans recipients) provides prior written authorization.

Issuing Refunds:

Refunds can be issued via Direct Deposit or paper check.  However, the University’s preferred method of refund distribution is through Direct Deposit.

Students can log in to and click on pay my bill to set up checking or savings account for the deposit of funds.

Refund checks for students who have not signed up for Direct Deposit will be mailed to the student’s address on the University’s system (Jenzabar).

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