Do you want to find meaning in your own life and help others do the same? Have you ever wondered why your little sister needs so much of your attention?  Are you interested in the differences between men and women, or how the Amish adjust to life in the modern world? Then your future may be in the Department of Psychology.

Understanding human thought, behavior and interaction is the goal of this vital social science field. Developing your innate gifts through knowledge and skill building is the goal of our talented experts in pyschology. The fascinating courses will prepare you for work in the real world after graduation or for graduate school. Local and state agencies and private institutions offer our students internships that give both practical experience and essential job contacts. If you have always wanted to serve others, why not contact us, and we will show you how.

Degree Programs

BA in Psychology
BS in Psychology

The “Researcher – Practitioner” Model

The psychology program of study is shaped by the “researcher-practitioner” model. Students learn both research skills and therapeutic techniques for working with clients. Our psychology faculty members strongly believe that those in the helping professions must be able to understand and contribute to professional research in order to offer their clients the best and most current interventions.

Learning Research Skills

Psychology majors are required to complete a three-semester sequence consisting of Statistics, Descriptive Research & Design, and Experimental Research & Design. In Statistics 3500 you will learn how to analyze and interpret data using a statistical program. This statistical knowledge will then be used in the two research courses in which you will design studies, gather and analyze data, and produce APA style manuscripts reporting your findings. This hands-on exposure to research trains you in skills that will be valuable in both graduate school and employment.

Psychology Internship

Psychology internships are offered in both the B.S. and B.A. in Psychology. You may choose to complete one internship (PSY 4050) for 3 credit hours or add a second internship (PSY 4060) for an additional 3 credit hours.

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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Jill BorchertDr. Jill Borchert
Associate Professor of Psychology
Alumni Hall 5B
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Leandro OlszanskiMr. Leandro Olszanski
Visiting Professor of Psychology


Andrea Davis StilesAndrea Davis Stiles
Instructor of Psychology
Alumni Hall 5C
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Dr. Christine SzostakDr. Christine Szostak
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Pi Gamma Mu Sponsor
Alumni Hall 5E
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