Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Oris Guillaume


“If I had to describe Shorter in one word I would choose the word faith. Because faith is our base and Shorter has faith in you!”

Dr. Oris Guillaume, Assistant Professor of Management




Dr. Rhonda Racliffe
“I would tell the adult learner, to forget about the past and everything anyone has ever said that you are not capable of. Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself. Remind yourself of your goals, your strengths, your passion, and everything that you are capable of. I am a product of this program and I believe in it.”

Dr. Rhonda Radcliff, Associate Dean of College of Adult and Professional Programs




Dr. Deondre Earl


“I have always considered myself a mentor, a leader, and a scholar. The opportunity to assist others in the pursuit of their dreams and the opportunity to learn from other scholars was irresistible.”

Dr. Deondre Earl, Assistant Professor of Finance




Dr. Aisha Williams
“I have found non-traditional students to be a little more committed to the learning process in some ways. They are usually juggling a variety of life responsibilities and at times major personal conflicts, however, learning and completing their degree remains a priority. The use of real life examples, demonstrations of concepts in an applied manner resonates well with them. They are more willing to be vulnerable and take risk in the learning process. They also come with a level of wisdom due to life experiences that they are able to apply in class.”

Dr. Aisha Williams, Assistant Professor of Human Services



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