Shorter Staff Member Sows Seeds of Faith with Prayer Wall

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Shorter University staff member Mary Corbin has a special ministry based out of her office inside Shorter’s Sheffield-Thompson Building.

The assistant to the Associate Provost and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences uses the space near her office in the Bailor Suite as a way to inspire and pray for students. Ms. Mary created a prayer wall outside of her office where students can write a prayer request on a slip of paper and pin it.

“I wanted to provide a way for students to know that someone is praying for them and someone cares for them,” she said.

Ms. Mary does not take having a prayer wall for granted. She believes students are blessed to be at an institution where prayer can be done freely and is encouraged.

“I hope students feel uplifted; I hope students feel God,” she said.

Along with prayers, Ms. Mary has posted inspirational photos of NFL football coach Tony Dungy and his team praying after a football game and Olympic silver medalist Paul Chelimo, a former Shorter student himself. Corbin prayed for Chelimo every step of his Olympic journey.

“I prayed that God would protect him,” she said.

Chelimo competed in the 5,000 meter and placed second. Soon after, he was disqualified but was reinstated as the Olympic silver medalist.

“When he was disqualified, I immediately started praying for him and look what happened,” she said with a smile.

Associate Provost and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Kathi Vosevich has loved the prayer wall ever since Ms. Mary presented her with the idea. Vosevich believes the wall truly fits the mission of Shorter.

Personally, Dr. Vosevich has been inspired by the wall and has taken time to put up prayer requests and notes of thanks to God.

“We do take care of the entire person; it’s important to us,” she said. “I hope others will use this wall as a starting point and model to foreground prayer and thanksgiving.”

Dr. Vosevich described Ms. Mary as an unsung hero for all of the work she has done to uplift and inspire others. Along with the prayer wall, Ms. Mary has created prayer rocks and an uplifting bulletin board in the basement of Sheffield-Thompson.

“She needs to get recognition for her work, not because she wants it but because she deserves it,” Dr. Vosevich said. “I also hope others will see Mary as a model who focuses not only on building personal relationships with students, faculty, and staff, but also on building personal relationships with Christ.”

Ms. Mary and Dr. Vosevich see great things for the prayer wall, including expanding it and reaching more people. Ms. Mary added that she thanks God for the opportunity to have a prayer wall and wants to be a spiritual mentor and pray for as many people as she can.

“It is always important to thank God,” Ms. Mary said.

Story and photo by student writer Caleb Britt


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