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Mathematics majors at graduation

We offer majors in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Our faculty strive to provide our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed. Please visit our links to learn more about the Mathematics Department and our programs.


The mission of the Department of Mathematics is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills in mathematics which they can apply in their chosen courses of study, future vocations, and their personal lives.  A secondary mission is to instill in students an appreciation for the esthetic beauty of mathematics and the importance of the development of mathematics to human society.

This mission is in support of the mission of the university which emphasizes that Shorter University will provide quality higher education, enabling and encouraging student commitment to active life-long learning, personal spiritual values, responsible citizenship, and community and societal leadership in a global context.


In pursuit of the mission, the Department of Mathematics has set the following educational goals:

  1. Students in this major will have developed a depth of understanding in their major field.
  2. Students will have been afforded the opportunity to prepare for a career or further education.

Mathematics award winnersLEARNING OUTCOMES

The following learning outcomes are used to assess whether the Department of Mathematics is achieving its educational goals:

  1. The student will exhibit knowledge in the theory and application of Calculus.
  2. The student will be able to communicate mathematical ideas effectively, using the correct vocabulary.
  3. The student will develop competency in both algorithmic and non-algorithmic aspects of problem solving.
  4. The student will develop a working knowledge of theorems in the various courses and different methods of proof including direct, indirect, and mathematical induction.
  5. The student will develop competency in using the appropriate technology (scientific and graphing calculators, mathematical software programs) to solve problems occurring in the various courses.
  6. The student will develop competency in a computer programming language and will write programs to solve certain math problems.


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