The Shorter University Libraries are maintained to support Shorter University’s educational mission. The Libraries provide the university community with a means to meet its various information needs for lifelong learning and living by being a pedagogical unit and an intellectual asset of the college.

The Libraries provide access to a sufficient range of resources and services in support of the school’s curriculum and augment the students’ classroom experiences with independent learning. By providing these resources and services, the Libraries attempt to develop the students’ understanding of how recorded knowledge is organized and structured so that they become self-directed, lifelong learners in the liberal arts tradition.


  • The Libraries will help students develop a high level of competence in information literacy.
  • The Libraries’ facilities will be adequate and sufficient environments conducive to study, research, and the use of information technologies.
  • The Libraries will maintain both print and non-print resources needed to support current and anticipated curricula.
  • The Libraries will establish and maintain up-to-date services which support, enhance and promote the academic programs offered by the university.

Galileo Passwords

A password is necessary to access Galileo from off campus. The Galileo password changes at the beginning of Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters. The current password is posted on SCHOLAR.


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