Learning Communities 2008

We’re Going to Graceland

From Elvis to Beck, Rock music is replete with Biblical references. This Learning Community will work collaboratively to identify, understand, and interpret those Biblical allusions. Features include a Religion course focusing on the origins of theology in Christian creeds, an English class that concentrates on the analysis and interpretation of how these stories are incorporated into song lyrics, and a Freshman Seminar to help pull it all together.

Courses Included:

ENG 1010 Freshman English Composition with Mr. John Kwist
REL 1530 Intro to Religious Studies with Dr. Craig Shull
FYS 1000 Freshman Seminar with Ms. Joan Ledbetter

The Apprentice

Want to climb the corporate ladder? You’ll need to know more than a few business concepts to make it to the top of the heap. This Learning Community is the perfect first step. You’ll fine-tune communications skills, learn to think critically and analytically before making important decisions, and master important research and computer skills. In addition, you’ll compete in an Apprentice-style competition for the best new product or service.

Courses Included:

BUS 2510 Business Computer Applications I with Ms. Melissa Hickman
COM 1010 Oral Communication with Mr. Allen Dutch
FYS 1000 Freshman Seminar with Ms. Gina McDaniel

From Page to Stage

The connections between literature and great theatrical or operatic works are indisputable. This Learning Community will explore those connections to see how text makes its way to life. In English class, you’ll read works of literature that have been made into music theatre. In Theatre class, you can explore their settings and contexts. Highlights include field trips to live productions and a hands-on experience writing text for an opera or musical libretto.

Courses Included:

ENG 1030 Advanced Freshman Composition I with Mrs. Jennifer Sikes
THE 2250 Theatre Appreciation with Mr. Richard Bristow
FYS 1000 Freshman Seminar with Dr. Linda Lister

This Game Called Politics

This year’s presidential campaign is the perfect backdrop for a study on contemporary politics. This Learning Community will host a mock election to give students, faculty, and staff a feel for the electoral system and the ability to be part of the process. Other features will include mock debates and a study of how communication and speaking skills impact politics. In addition, you will discover how research, study skills, and critical thinking are vital to the political process.

Courses Included:

COM 1010 Oral Communication with Mr. Tom Earp
POS 2110 American Government with Dr. Chuck Wynn
FYS 1000 Freshman Seminar with Dr. Terry Morris

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