Intramural & Recreational Services

Join Student Life for fun and fellowship with sports activities outside of class.

Intramural Sports is comprised of organized sport leagues, tournaments and other special events for the Shorter University community. All Shorter University students, as well as faculty and staff are encouraged to participate.

Leagues are offered in various sports throughout the year and all skill levels are welcome. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a rookie looking to get involved in something new, we are bound to have something for everyone.

What is a Valid Shorter University ID Card?

All eligible participants are required to bring a valid Shorter University ID Card to each game to participate in Intramural Sports.  To be considered valid, the ID card must clearly show the participant’s name, picture, ID number, and status with Shorter University (student, staff, faculty, graduate assistant).  If you have any questions about the validity of your Shorter University ID Card, please stop by the Office of Student Affairs located inside the Fitton Student Union.

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