Intramural Sports Employment Opportunities

Various employment opportunities for game officials will be available throughout the academic year for the following intramural sports.  If you are interested in becoming a game official for any of the sports listed below please contact the Office of Student Activities for more information and to add your name to the list of potential candidates.  No prior experience in officiating is required.  Each official must be able to run and perform the physical duties required of them during each game or contest, and must have good interpersonal and communication skills.

Please note that each officiating position will be available when the respective sport league opens up.  After contacting the Office of Student Life and adding your name to the list of potential officiating candidates you will make yourself available to be contacted once the sport you signed up for is ready to open.

The following pay rates will be offered for each position:

Basketball Official:  $15 per hour

Flag Football Official:  $15 per hour

Kickball Umpire:  $15 per hour

Indoor and Sand Volleyball Official:  $15 per hour

Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Official:  $15 per hour

Wiffle Ball Baseball Umpire:  $15 per hour

Ultimate Frisbee Official:  $15 per hour


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