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The disciplines of History and Political Sciences are represented in the Social Sciences Department, a unit of the College of Arts & Sciences. History is one of the oldest disciplines of human study and one of the foundations of a liberal arts education. The goal of History is to describe, understand, and explain the development of human society in all its complex diversity across time and space.

Political Science uses both qualitative and quantitative empirical and qualitative research to analyze and explain political institutions, systems, and behavior. There are numerous subfields in political science, including political theory, American politics, comparative politics, and international relations.

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Both the History and Political Science majors can be pursued in either the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees. The choice depends primarily on whether the student is more interested in taking more natural sciences courses (chemistry, physics and biology) or languages (Spanish, French, Hebrew and Greek). Given the increasingly global nature of the modern world, the history and political science faculty believes that the study of languages is important to the ability to understand and succeed.

B.A. History Education

Persons aspiring to teach history/social studies at the secondary level (grades 6-12) choose to major in History Education (B.A.). A degree in History Education is offered through the School of Education.  The degree leads to Georgia teaching certification, grades 6-12.  Please visit the School of Education website,  http://www.shorter.edu/department/school-of-education/, for more information.

Pre-Law Society

The Shorter Pre-Law Society (SPLS) works to provide support, resources, and assistance to Shorter students interested in attending law school upon graduation.  SPLS activities focus on assisting students in strengthening their ability to gain admission to law school, such as preparing for the Law School Admission Test; preparing for life as a law school student; and gaining a more accurate understanding of the realities of life as a practicing attorney.

For more information, contact Rick Crawford, Assistant Professor of Political Science at 706-233-7273 or email rcrawford@shorter.edu.

Student Success Stories

  • Mack Parnell, History/Political Science major and Student Government President, received Governor’s Internship and is now working as a congressional staffer (2014 graduate)
  • Elle Ryan, current History and Liberal Arts major, studied at Oxford University (2014-15) and is a DAR Scholarship Award Winner
  • Ana Martin, Political Science major (2015 graduate), awarded the Sledge Fellowship for Graduate School (one of only two national scholarships awarded per year by Alpha Chi Honor Society).

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