Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Canvas?

For information on Canvas, please visit the following link:


What is the maximum amount of credit hours I can take in a semester?

We allow students to take 15 credit hours per semester. Dual enrollment will only cover 15 credit hours, if you would like to take more you are able however the student will be responsible for the additional cost.

How do I order my transcript?

As a dual enrollment student, you will receive one free transcript per semester. In order to request this transcript, you will need to complete a transcript request form. Email registrar@shorter.edu to obtain one. If you have used your free transcript, you can purchase additional transcripts for a small fee.

Who is the Dual-Enrollment contact at Shorter University?

The dual enrollment contact at Shorter University is Hannah Reeves she can reached at 706-233-7206 or hreeves@shorter.edu to answer any questions.

Where do I find what courses are dual enrollment approved?

Review the Dual Enrollment Course Directory to obtain a listing of approved courses. Select the year and term for when courses may be taken in Summer, Fall or Spring. Then, select Shorter University in the Private Colleges of Georgia menu. Afterwards, review the HS Course Numbers that you wish to take and make note of their corresponding PS Course Numbers. For example, COM 1010.

Can I take a course that is not listed on the gafutures.org dual enrollment approved list?

The short answer is yes! However, you will be fully responsible for all tuition and fees associated with any non-approved courses.

Where do I see the courses Shorter offers?

Review SU Course Offerings to cross reference the Dual Enrollment Course Directory of approved courses against what’s offered at SU for the desired term. Select the term for when courses may be taken. Next, change the course code drop down to ‘Contains’. Afterwards, enter the Dual Enrollment Course Directory PS Course Number into the Course Code search box and click search.

For questions about applying for admissions, please contact Patrick McElhaney at pmcelhaney@shorter.edu or 706-233-7225.

For questions about applying for dual enrollment and registering for courses after being accepted for admissions, please contact Jessieca Dingler at jdingler@shorter.edu or 706-233-7210.