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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths” (NKJV) Proverbs 3:5-6.

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Major Areas of Study

Christian Studies

Youth Ministry


  • Christian Studies
  • Biblical Languages
  • Christian Apologetics and Philosophy
  • Christian Leadership
  • Christian Missions
  • Christian Worship

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Student in Christian Studies class holding bible and smilingMISSION STATEMENT

The School of Christian Studies exists to train servant leaders for worldwide ministry through biblical scholarship, evangelism, spiritual growth, and Christian service in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20).


Our desire is to be on mission with God in order to bring all peoples of the world to saving faith in Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:3-4; 2 Peter 3:9; Acts 1:8).


Our purpose is to evangelize those who do not yet know Christ, to equip those who do know Christ to become effective leaders who can articulate and demonstrate the absolute importance of a biblical worldview, to edify believers by encouraging personal spiritual growth, and to expand the ministry horizons of believers to global proportions.


The School of Christian Studies plays a pivotal role in the life of Shorter University and seeks to reinforce the mission of the university through the accomplishment of five major goals:

  1. To equip students who desire to enter Christian ministry with a scholarly study of the various aspects of the Christian faith.  The curriculum is biblically-based and courses are taught from a distinctively Christian perspective.
  2. To provide the necessary preparation for those students who will enter seminary or other graduate programs in Christian Studies/Religion.  Such preparation should help students to qualify for advanced standing in many graduate degree programs in the seminaries.
  3. To offer students majoring or minoring in our area of study the academic training and practical experience essential for effective ministry in local churches, denominational institutions, and any other sphere of Christian service.
  4. To provide a thorough training for those who will directly enter the ministry upon graduation, thus ending their formal educational preparation.  Students will be afforded a balanced program to train them for multi-faceted ministry.
  5. To give basic Christian instruction to all students in the university through the required survey courses.  Careful attention will be given to the biblical perspective of God’s purposes in the world with relation to the nature and destiny of humanity.


bible open in classroom

While many local churches, denominational organizations, and missionary agencies require a seminary degree beyond the bachelors program in Christian Studies or Youth Ministry for employment, others do not. Our Christian Studies and Youth Ministry programs are designed primarily to provide a foundation for ministry and a stepping stone to specialization at the seminary / graduate level.

Many of the areas of service listed below will necessitate ministerial training beyond the college experience, although some may be entered immediately upon graduation from our program. Moreover, having a double major could enhance a student’s knowledge and prepare him or her for a special field of service (for example, a double major in Christian Studies and Business Administration would be beneficial for those desiring to serve as a Church Administrator or wishing to work in the business office of a denominational agency).  Students should contact particular agencies, institutions, and churches in order to obtain the specific prerequisites for employment within these organizations.

The following lists offer a sampling of possibilities in the area of Christian service, and certainly are not intended to be exhaustive in nature.

Ministry Fields:Benevolence Ministry
Camp/Retreat/Resort Ministry
Children’s Ministry
Christian Counseling
Christian Education
Church Administration
Church Planting
Communication: radio, television, etc.
Crisis Ministry
Cross-Cultural Ministry
General Evangelism
Missionary service
Parachurch organizations
Sports Evangelism
Student Ministry (college campus setting)
Urban Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Youth Ministry (local church setting)
Organizations:American Bible Society
American Center for Law and Justice
American Family Association (AFA)
Campus Crusade for Christ
Christian Coalition of America
Concerned Women of America (CWA)
Denominational agencies
Denominational colleges and universities
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
Focus on the Family
International Mission Board of the SBC
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Local churches
National Right to Life Committee
North American Mission Board of the SBC
Precept Ministries
Salvation Army
Samaritan’s Purse
Serving in Mission (SIM)
Theological seminaries
Wycliffe Bible Translators

If you have any questions regarding career choices or ministerial calling, please contact a faculty member of our School of Christian Studies, email Dr. Kellett at or call 706-233-7472.


Theta Alpha Kappa Honors Society

Theta Alpha Kappa logoTheta Alpha Kappa is the honor society for the School of Christian Studies, and is a related scholarly organization of the American Academy of Religion, and affiliate society of the Council of Societies for the Study of Religion, and a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.  The purpose of Theta Alpha Kappa is to honor those who have shown excellence of achievement and promise of continued growth in the disciplines of Religious Studies and Theology.  The Society aims to further the disciplines of Christian Studies by encouraging research, good teaching, publication, and an intellectual and social exchange among students, teachers, and writers of the disciplines.


Southern Baptist Convention
International Mission Board
North American Mission Board
Georgia Baptist Convention
The Christian Index
Baptist Press
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission


Spring 2017

Christian Studies class outdoors

CST 1012 New Testament Survey class with Dr. Alan Hix takes advantage of a warm Spring day to meet outside.  Student groups studied and presented various aspects of Paul’s Pastoral Epistles.

Spring break trip to New Orleans.

The Christian Studies Department took students to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary March 23-26 to attend the Seminary’s preview weekend and participate in the Greer Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum.  Students attending were: Harley Channell, Jack Dodge, Sarah Johnson, Macon Jones, and Brooke Renfroe.  They were accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Earl Kellett, Dr. Alan Hix, and Rev. Steve and Vickie Gandy.

April 2014


Mission Alaska 2014
February 26 – March 7, 2014


Our Team

Mr. Cory Barnes
Interim Chair of the School of Christian Studies and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Mr. Cory Barnes

Educational Background: Ph.D., Old Testament (ABD), New Orleans Baptist Theological...
Dr. Donald Dowless

Dr. Donald Dowless

Educational Background: Post-doctoral studies: Oxford University (England) Post-doctoral...
Dr. Brent Baskin
Associate Professor of Christian Studies - Youth Ministry

Dr. Brent Baskin

Educational Background: Ph.D., Student Ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological...
Dr. Randy Douglass
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies

Dr. Randy Douglass

Educational Background: Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Grace Theological Seminary, Winona...
Dr. Alan Hix
Associate Professor of Christian Studies

Dr. Alan Hix

Professional Experience Associate professor of Christian Studies, Shorter University...
Dr. Earl Kellett
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research and Associate Professor Christian Studies

Dr. Earl Kellett

Education Ph.D. 2007 New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary Th.M. 2003 New Orleans...