Church Music

band playing in chapel service

The church music degree program was added to the music department curricula in the 1960’s. The first four professors of church music were all conductors of the Shorter Chorale and three of the four were voice instructors as well.

During the decades of the 70’s and 80’s the program had its largest enrollment with over 25 majors. The college’s affiliation with the Georgia Baptist Convention and the recruiting efforts in Georgia Baptist churches provided most of these students.

Many graduates of the program continued their education at one of the Southern Baptist seminaries, while others began serving as Ministers of Music in Baptist churches in the southeast. These graduates received excellent musical training in voice, piano, and organ, as well as courses in theology, hymnology, service planning, church music administration, music and worship, and church music education for children, youth, and adults.

BM in Church Music

The Bachelor of Music degree in church music requires core curriculum, major field, and elective courses to prepare students for seminary, graduate school, or church music ministry.

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