Balancing Loan Repayment with Pursuing Your Dreams

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It’s true that a college education can come with a high price tag but securing Financial Aid can help you confidently pursue your educational goals. The Higher Education Act of 1965 made it possible for colleges and universities to provide funding to those who are seeking a college education through financial resources including grants, scholarships, and low-interest loans. In addition, with military discounts and employee assistance to attend college, there are a number of resources available to make the dream of returning to or entering college a reality.


Online Aid Advisor

Shorter University (SU) offers an online aid advisor. Teresa Cushing, the Financial Aid Advisor for online programs, works directly with students seeking to attend through the Online and Adult Programs. However, there are some steps applicants must take first.

After all of those necessary steps are taken, applicants will receive an email notifying them to check their online financial aid award letter.


Military Discount

SU offers a convenient, military-friendly online education for military personnel who have spent or actively spend their lives serving and protecting our country. SU online military benefits are available to each military branch, reservists, veterans, military spouses and Department of Defense employees.

SU’s online programs allow students to efficiently pursue higher education by offering accelerated eight-week courses that make the most of the student’s time. Online programs at SU give service members the option to complete coursework from wherever is most convenient.

SU is dedicated to helping military students achieve their degrees as quickly and easily as possible. This includes providing a dedicated enrollment counselor, as well as a dedicated academic advisor and financial aid advisor for service members, service members’ spouses, or Department of Defense employees.


Employee Reimbursement Programs

Colleges and universities promote academic and economic development through partnerships or financial agreements for employees.  One way this is accomplished is through job-specific training.  Many colleges offer direct partnerships with companies in order to better prepare their workforce. These credit-bearing courses provide skills and training that can equip the workforce with necessary training and education, which can lead to promotions and job retention.


In an effort to address the lack of financial knowledge that most people seeking higher education have, colleges and universities have sponsored various financial programs and initiatives ranging from optional personal finance courses or electives to required first-year seminar curriculums. Many schools do this in addition to federally mandated requirements surrounding specially funded programs and educational literature students must read before acquiring financial assistance. These efforts are designed to engage and educate students in matters of personal finance and SU is no different. Our goal is to help each student who needs access to funds and help them remain in good financial standing.

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