How to Participate in Study Abroad

Students and faculty members in all degree programs at Shorter University are eligible to participate in international programs.

Step 1: Plan ahead. Contact Linda Palumbo Olszanski, Assistant Vice President of International Programs, in Minor Fine Arts 202, or call 706-233-7409 or email

Step 2: Decide with Mrs. Palumbo Olszanski upon a program that is appropriate for your interests and area of study.

Step 3: Assess costs and financial aid assistance. In some cases, the cost of studying abroad is no greater than the cost of a regular semester at Shorter.

Students who choose to study abroad in either the fall or the spring semester may apply state/federal aid toward the costs of study abroad. The use of institutional scholarships for study abroad will be limited to a maximum of 5 students per semester. The selection criteria will be based on students’ GPAs and information provided in their study abroad applications. Students who are Georgia residents can apply the summer portion of the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant and HOPE scholarship (if eligible) for summer study abroad experiences. While institutional scholarships cannot be applied toward summer study abroad, some scholarship funds are available.

Application deadlines for individual study abroad:

Spring = October 15
Summer and Fall = March 15

Application Materials

Study Abroad Policies

Study Abroad Application

Once students are approved to Study Abroad they need to fill out the following forms:

Check List

Course Approval Form

Financial Aid Form

Communication Approval Form

Emergency Contact Information

Disability Form

Housing Form

Health Questionnaire

Medical Authorization Form

Travel Release

Winthrop-King Study Abroad Scholarship (English Majors ONLY)

Helpful Links


U.S. State Department Students Abroad site Travel, Transportation and Recreation

U.S. Customs Office

Country specific conditions

STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program)

Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Understanding

Transportation Security Administration

Voting Registration while abroad


State Department Information for Students Abroad

Centers for Disease Control

Contact Us

For more information about studying abroad, costs, academic requirements, etc., please contact the Office of International Programs at 706-233-7409 or visit MFA-202. 

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