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Why Shorter?

At Shorter University, you will experience a Christ-centered community committed to helping you unlock your fullest potential.

Shorter provides a vibrant campus life, exciting intercollegiate athletics, and financial aid to make the Shorter experience affordable.

Ready to get started on your Shorter journey?

  • Testimonial

    I knew Shorter was the right place for me when I walked on campus.

    Millie Payne, Class of 2016 Liberal Arts major

    I love the small, friendly environment and how close you can be to your professors. Shorter offers a great place to grow.

  • Testimonial

    You can get a really good one-on-one education at Shorter.

    Hannah Turner, Class of 2014 Biology Major accepted into Medical School at University of Alabama at Birmingham

    I picked Shorter because I really liked the science department. When I came for a visit during a Preview Day, I enjoyed meeting the science faculty. I felt like I could get a really good one-on-one education at Shorter, which I did.

  • Testimonial

    I wanted a college where I could be well-educated and the Lord opened up Shorter.

    Bradley Moon, Class of 2014 Sport Management major and two-sport athlete (football & track)

    I wanted to find a college where I could be well educated and be successful, and the Lord opened up Shorter. I wanted to be involved on campus and to be a role model for other athletes to see that they can be involved as well.

  • Testimonial

    I was able to further my education without the financial burden.

    Ashtin Hyde, Class of 2017, Business Management major

    Financial aid at Shorter has given me the opportunity to further my education without putting a financial burden on me or my family.